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I just put down your book, having read the last page... I cried, and not only at the end. Your story is remarkable and you have told it with such unselfconscious honesty and openness; it feels like a privilege to read it... Your readers will feel they’ve been admitted into your heart.

Denise Ommanney

Shar Mitchell takes the reader on a beautiful journey written straight from her life and her heart. On this journey, the reader feels the author's faith that she is supported in life, and the reader feels that faith and feels supported as well. Highly recommended!

Howard Shifke

author of
Fighting Parkinsons and Winning

Your book arrived. I can’t put it down. What perfect reading...You have created a tear jerker redolent with attar of roses set to the accompaniment of the singing of the Nightingale of Paradise.

Gillian Adamson Charters

With a generous eye and surprising twists and flourishes, Shar Mitchell leads the reader through a tangled and seemingly inevitably connecting web to Redwan Moqbel. Their union touches so many in the most profound ways. The Bridegroom from Baghdad is a fascinating and moving piece of work. This is a book that stuck with me long after I finished it. It’s a compelling, highly satisfying read.

Mathew Iribarne

author of
Astronauts and Other Stories
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