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photo by Esther Maloney

In her search for truth, purpose and meaning Shar Mitchell has travelled to more than 40 countries, some frequently. She’s been the guest of the Berber nomads in the Spanish Sahara, Aborigines in far northern Queensland, Australia, and the Bribri in Costa Rica’s rainforest. Ultimately, her spiritual quest found fulfillment in the teachings of the Baha’i Faith. 


Shar worked in various media for 20 years including CBC Radio and TV, documentary film production, and feature newspaper and magazine writing. She’s received accolades for her writing, including several scholarships. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies. 


Her early employment history includes brief stints at the "lost kids" trailer at the Red River Exhibition, working as a retail sales clerk, a car hop, a registered nurse and a road assistant for the famed musical group of the 70s, Seals and Crofts. 


Shar is the proud mother of five children and step-children and seven grandchildren. Shar lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she is currently working on a screenplay when not busy with community-building efforts, helping with grandkids, doing medical qigong or boxing to combat Parkinson’s Disease. 

An Interview with Shar

Before you lose yourself in her book, get to know Shar through her interview on the podcast, "A Baha'i Perspective."


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