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photo by Redwan Moqbel

Karen McKye

July 19, 2013 at 7:56 a.m.

A wee poem for a phoenix at play

To Redwan who is going


As you know, I have imagined

a slight commotion, a bustle There

as loved ones tidy up for your arrival


A fond smile and a quick exchange in the business

“’Homely’ is important to him!”


For our part, Here,

we, too, tidy.

In your going

you have shown us how to tidy our hearts

reduce the mess of our lives

sacrifice the complicated for the simple

make it all sacred.


“There he goes” we say

seeing, for a moment,

his phoenix-self

reduced but to a final feather

solemnly offered to the fire of his Beloved


This is one of his lessons

as he suffers his final leg.

The phoenix at play bends to pain as to joy

clean, clear, patient



We wait with you, brother, and love.

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