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From the windswept Canadian prairies to the sophisticated capitals of Western Europe, from the deserts of Morocco to the rocky fishing villages of Newfoundland, Shar Mitchell’s search for purpose and meaning ultimately led her to the Baha’i Faith. It also led her into the arms of The Bridegroom from Baghdad, Redwan Moqbel. Born to a poor Bahá’i family in a dusty border town between Iran and Iraq, Redwan was an internationally renowned medical scientist by the time he and Shar met and married.


That relationship led to Shar’s challenging quest to learn more about her new relatives back in Iraq. That troubled country persecuted its tiny Bahá’i minority, sentenced Redwan to life in prison in absentia and jailed his mother for many years. Shar’s dream of meeting Redwan’s courageous family would finally come true because of a catastrophic health crisis and a surprising twist of fate. The Bridegroom from Baghdad is a faith memoir -- a story of hope and love that builds a bridge of romance and faith between distant lands.    

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